Creating a Dressing Room With Sliding Doors

A Dressing Room With Sliding Doors can be a useful space for getting ready in style or for keeping clothing and shoes organised. They are usually separated from bedrooms or dressing rooms by sliding doors which offer a modern look that can also be practical. For example, the doors can be made to match wall panelling or fitted wardrobes and can include features such as built-in power, an independent telephone line, bomb-proof screening, A/C units and other state-of-the-art security systems.

The door dividers can also be a great place to display photos or other personal items and the mirrored design can create a sense of space even in small rooms. They can also be used to add extra light and can help make dressing-up or putting on makeup in the morning easier. The sliding door can be made to a custom size and can also be customised with different colours, finishes and designs. For example, a dark wood finish with glass or frosted mirror can be designed to fit a traditional, country or rustic bedroom theme, while a white gloss with a blackboard finish is perfect for a contemporary or industrial style interior.

Stylishly designed, the door panels are a perfect combination of modern and classical style. They are made with superior solid core MDF material, which is durable and harmless. Frosted glass offers privacy and is easy to clean. Pre-equipped with hardware, it is safe and convenient to install. It is a ideal choice for your bedroom, bathroom or storage area.

Wardrobes or dressing rooms are often considered as a luxury and are only reserved for the rich and wealthy but, by adding some simple sliding doors between bedrooms and existing cupboards, it can be possible to create an affordable walk in wardrobe or storage space that will still look beautiful and modern. The doors can be fitted with rails and shelving to accommodate all the clothes, shoes and other items you might need and can be matched to a colour scheme in the bedroom.

For a really special feature, consider adding mirrored or blackboard sliding doors to a room. Not only will they act as a room divider, but they will reflect the light in the room, making it bright and airy. In addition, the blackboard paint can be used to write messages or lists and can be easily changed if the decor in the room changes.

Having a dedicated space to keep clothing, shoes and other accessories organised is a great way to reduce clutter in your home. It can also make it easier to prepare for a house viewing and hide away any clutter before guests arrive. Sliding closet doors are a good option for this as they can be made to a custom size to suit any awkward space and can be fitted with all the necessary storage accessories. They are also easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. This makes them a long-term investment and one that will always look good.