We Buy Ugly Homes – The Drawbacks of Selling a Home to We Buy Ugly Homes

HomeVestors of America, better known as “We Buy Ugly Homes,” is a longtime private real estate investing company with franchisees across the country. Having a reputation for buying properties in their current condition, the company has become a household name thanks to its late-night infomercials and other media appearances. While selling a house to We Buy Ugly Homes may seem like an attractive option, it’s important for home owners to understand the drawbacks of this type of sale before they sign on the dotted line.

The We Buy Ugly Homes slogan casts a wide advertising net, but the company focuses on those homeowners who are in desperate need of selling their property fast. This can include people going through a difficult divorce, individuals facing financial hardship due to medical bills or job loss, and even those who have inherited a home that they are unable or unwilling to keep. In many cases, these individuals are looking to avoid a protracted real estate sales process, and are willing to accept a low offer in order to close the deal quickly.

When homeowners sell to We Buy Ugly Homes, they will typically receive a cash offer that is based on the current market value of their property. This offer will be less than what they could expect to receive if they hired a Realtor and allowed the company to take on the cost of making necessary repairs to bring the property up to its full market value. This difference in price is where the profit comes from for the franchisee.

Despite the high advertising profile for We Buy Ugly Homes, the company is not without its critics. A recent ProPublica investigation found that some franchisees deceived and targeted vulnerable sellers in order to make quick profits. The head of HomeVestors of America, the company behind the We Buy Ugly Homes slogan, announced his retirement just weeks after the ProPublica report. This was a direct result of the investigation, and it left home owners who’d accepted offers from rogue franchisees wondering what would happen next.

One drawback of working with a We Buy Ugly Homes company cash Home Buyer is that the companies are usually independent, and their brand name does not provide any guarantee or protection from rogue franchisees. This is particularly true since the company’s advertisements are often accompanied by images of a shaggy-haired caveman.

Individuals who work with a We Buy Ugly Homes franchise will usually call the local office and request a visit from a representative. After examining the property, the company will make an offer and schedule a time to finalize the sale. In most cases, the entire process can be completed within a month.

Those looking to sell their ugly homes should consider working with a Realtor. A Realtor will be able to list the property on the MLS and allow potential buyers to compete for it. As a result, they can often achieve a higher selling price than what they would get by working with a We Buy Ugly Houses franchise.