Complete Guide to 360 Excavator Training

Whether you work in construction, engineering or any trade sector, it’s important to have the correct qualifications to secure job opportunities. These aren’t just for your CV, they also guarantee you can work safely and efficiently on the job site, removing the risk of injury to yourself or third parties and costly damage to equipment and property. 360 excavator training near me is one of the most important pieces of certification you can achieve, as it ensures that you can operate these powerful machines safely.

A 360 excavator is a heavy construction machine that consists of a boom, dipper and bucket on a rotating platform – hence the ‘360’ in its name – placed on a wheeled or tracked undercarriage. It has a wide range of applications on construction sites, from shifting materials to digging trenches and foundations. If you’re planning to become a 360 excavator operator, you can choose between several different routes of training and qualification. You can either undertake a specialist college course or apprenticeship, or complete a Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) course and take the relevant technical test to gain your CPCS card.

There are several options available for 360 excavator training, depending on your level of experience and what type of machine you plan to operate. For example, a CPCS A58 360 Excavator below 10 tonnes course is the best option for people with limited or no experience who want to take the CPCS red operator card. Successful candidates will be trained in both theory and practical skills and learn how to operate the machine at the CPCS standard. They’ll understand the capabilities of the machine, its purpose and limitations and carry out basic inspections. They’ll also be able to load and unload material into transport vehicles, grade, spread and level ground materials, dig differing types of excavations, as well as carry out a basic slung load operation.

If you’re an experienced excavator operator who wants to move up a level, you can take the CPCS A59 360 Excavator above 10 tonnes course. This will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills to operate a 360 excavator to the CPCS plant standard. This course will run over a 9-day period, with the final day being a CPCS technical test. Successful delegates will be awarded with their CPCS red operator card.

You can find out more about this and other courses on our CPCS courses page. The quickest way to find the right 360 excavator course for you is to speak to a CPCS adviser, who will be able to help you get started on your new career path. Alternatively, if you have already completed your course and are looking for a job, you can view all the current 360 excavator vacancies on our jobs board here. We also have a dedicated Vacancies page on our website where you can search for specific roles by category, location and industry. You can even create a personalised Vacancy alert and get sent the latest opportunities straight to your inbox.