Concreting Solutions Offers Green Solutions for the Concrete Industry

Concrete is one of the most widely used building materials in the world, but it’s also a significant contributor to climate change. The cement and concrete industries have been working for years to improve their products’ sustainability. These improvements include new formulas, carbon capture technologies and circular concrete with recycled aggregate. The industry is also introducing new construction techniques like 3D printing and self-healing concrete that reduce the amount of material needed to build. These innovations are creating new opportunities for concrete producers to meet customers’ needs without sacrificing performance.

As the global population continues to grow, we need buildings and infrastructure that will provide accommodation and functionality while using fewer resources, consuming less non-renewable energy and causing fewer disturbances to our natural environment. Concrete is a key material for these goals, and its future success depends on the industry’s ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste and energy consumption throughout the lifecycle of buildings and structures.

Currently, the main goal of the concrete industry is to cut cement Mornington Concreting Solutions usage and carbon emissions by using blends with lower CO2 footprints and supplementary cementitious products such as slag, fly ash and natural pozzolans. It is also looking at ways to increase the use of recycled materials, such as aggregate and rebar, and to incorporate greener precast products.

Another way to reduce embodied carbon in concrete is by using self-healing concrete, which uses living materials, such as bacteria, to repair cracks in concrete once they develop. The bacteria are fed a special nutrient, calcium lactate, which fills the cracks and closes them. This allows the concrete to extend its lifespan and requires less maintenance, reducing repair and replacement costs. This solution is still at an early stage and needs further research, but it could eventually save cities and nations a great deal of money by lowering repair and maintenance costs for existing concrete infrastructure.

In addition to our inspection and testing services, Concreting Solutions offers a wide range of additional services to support engineering and design teams. From concrete testing and analysis to specialized construction progress and safety inspections, our team of professional engineers and certified technicians hold ACI, AWS, NICET and ICC accreditations.