Booking a Via Rail Cabin

Depending on the route you choose, you can choose from a variety of sleeping cabins on Via Rail. You can book a private cabin, which features a washroom, or book a shared cabin for two or four people. There are two different types of cabins available: Sleeper Plus and Prestige.

Sleeper Plus is the most affordable sleeper option available on the Via network. It offers cozy berths, access to lounges and washroom facilities, and freshly cooked meals. However, there is a limited number of cabins available on some routes during peak season. There are also cabins for one person and cabins for two people, and these can be booked as well.

Prestige is Via’s premier product. The private cabins feature an L-shaped couch, a massive double bed, and a full bathroom with an en suite toilet and shower. Prestige Class also includes full access to the Park car lounge. You can also reserve a private cabin in the dining car, and alcoholic drinks are included in your ticket.

The main Economy car has 62 reclining seats, two restrooms, and a vestibule. The upper floor has 24 dome windows. There is also a cafe-style dining area on the lower level. The dining car is operated by real chefs. There are several different types of dining cars on Via Rail. You can choose from the traditional TGV and Skyline cars, or the modern and luxurious Prestige class.

The main Economy car is similar to the trains that run on theĀ Quebec City-Windsor corridor. Each seat has a plug, a drinking water tap, and a doorway that allows you to enter and exit your cabin. There is also a small washbasin in the corner. However, you will need a mask for showering.

The cabins in Sleeper Plus are divided into three categories: cabins for one, cabins for two, and cabins for four. The cabins for one are step-up from the section, while the cabins for two and cabins for four are fully enclosed and lockable compartments. The beds vary in size, but all are comfortable.

A private cabin on Via Rail offers the ultimate in privacy. You can book a private cabin for two, four, or six people. The upper floor of each cabin is separated from the hallway by a snap curtain. The bed is stored vertically behind the seat, and the lower berth is pull-out. This gives you ample room to stand with the door closed.

If you want to book a private cabin on Via Rail, it is important to note that you can only book the cabin online or by phone. It is also important to note that there is no common luggage rack in the sleeping cars. You will need to check your luggage with the attendant when you arrive at your destination.

The train trip across Canada is a wonderful experience. You will pass through scenic landscapes, rugged lake country, and snowy peaks of the Rockies. You will also be treated to carefully curated menus and live music. You will also have the opportunity to talk to the train attendants, who will tell you about the various towns and cities that you pass through.

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